Good morning Luxury New York

What about waking up on the 56th floor of a glass luxury high-rise looking down the Hudson and the tip top of each building surrounding it? or taking a bath with a glass window looking down at the sparkling water, open light, and yet, nobody really looking in because your view is open looking down the fancy New York City line? not bad, right? stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and new, yeah? yeah. Okay, well, in that case you can call me 🙂 ah, and NO brokers fee. 5k a month, yes one bed.

Respiratory health and old buildings

While living in a pre-war building can be charming, most people do not consider the incredible amount of nasty dust that invisibly coats the apartments and your respiratory track everyday. Hopefully someday landlords will realize that charming does not equal crazy rents, new does 🙂


The world of retail is certainly interesting. The various stores add to the cultural landscape of any locale. We hardly think of the cost that goes along with being able to have a little shop. Retail in New York City is very expensive. With current rates for loans, some business owners with a strong establishment opt to simply buy the space, instead of paying the astronomical rents per square foot.
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