Brokerage Menu – Choices for Sellers and Renters in Manhattan

I realize that the real estate landscape will continue to change, because of tech innovation, communication, mediums, and choices that people currently have. Most buyers and renters, start their process, with an online-search, and there are a variety of sources, that allows him or her to search for their apartment of their dreams. Part of our philosophy, includes being able to be open to new ways to service our prospective consumers. Manhattan Life Real Estate, is able to provide that prospective renter, seller, or buyer, choices. If you are a seller, and want to just utilize part of our services, that we, as licensed real estate brokers, can provide, then, he or she can pay a monthly fee, a consultation fee, or a percentage of a broker’s fee at closing, that will be contextually relevant to that deal. We do not believe in “general” rules, as they apply, we believe in being able to respond to the budgets, and needs of each person in a real estate transaction. We are looking forward to being part of an innovative solution to the high brokerage prices, being able to respond to the change in the landscape. Feel free to inquire about our real estate menu.



Happy New Year buyers! At the moment, it appears that we have started the year with low inventory. There are a few new cooperative listings, but we are lacking in 1 bedroom inventory under 800k for condominiums. We shall see how this adjusts as the year goes on.


The world of retail is certainly interesting. The various stores add to the cultural landscape of any locale. We hardly think of the cost that goes along with being able to have a little shop. Retail in New York City is very expensive. With current rates for loans, some business owners with a strong establishment opt to simply buy the space, instead of paying the astronomical rents per square foot.
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